Monday, June 14, 2010


The evidence is rapidly accumulating that the energy drive in the body is both chemical and electrical. We get chemical energy from food and that has to be transduced to electrical energy. The best model is the electric eel whose electric organ is an adaptation of a nerve mechanism that has the same properties as our own nerves. Chemical energy is derived from "combustion" known biochemically as oxidation and it requires protein, fat and carbohydrate as fuel, oxygen that combines with the fuel, hence oxidation, and vitamins and minerals that catalyze this fundamental reaction, in much the same way as a spark plug in a car ignites gasoline. The mechanism of electrical energy transduction is still obscure, but the acceptance of acupuncture supports this concept. The easiest way to damage chemical energy production is by the ingestion of a high calorie diet that has insufficient vitamin content. The ancient scourge of beriberi, known for thousands of years as a method of destroying the brain and nervous system, is easily produced by eating white rice, the default diet for millions in the East. The damage to the nervous system, particularly the lower part of the brain, produced by an overload of "empty" calories gives the same effect as being deprived of sufficient oxygen. It produces excitabilitiy in our ability to react to and adapt to any form of physical or mental stress. Boys sometimes induce partial hanging to get enhanced sexual stimulation, for orgasm is a reflex that is a reaction of the lower brain computer. It is the computer that gives us our emotional reactions for an emotion is not a thought process. Hence the ingestion of empty calories, especially in simple carbohydrate form, is equivalent to a mild deprivation of oxygen. A relatively mild grievance "nursed" in emotional terms can become explosive in its reaction. Hence, it is quite feasible to ask whether the otherwise incomprehensible school shootings are the result of the gross intake of simple carbodydrate in the form of sugar, sweets, candy, ice cream and sort drinks, particularly those loaded with caffeine. A probation officer in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, persuaded a judge to place juvenile crime offenders under her care for dietary supervision. The recurrence rate of crime in these young offenders was drastically reduced. We behave according to what we eat!!

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